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More than 25000 nannies/babysitters are already in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Poland and other countries of Europe

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Which babysitters and nannies do we have:

Infant babysitter

A babysitter with English

For children aged birth to 1 year

Infant babysitter has a medical education, a relative work experience with infants, knowledge of preventive massage, physical therapy, infant swimming, bathing, the basics of care for newborn children. Your baby will be in the reliable hands of a professional babysitter.

Nanny for a preschooler

A nanny with fluent English

For children aged 1 to 5years

A nanny tutor for a child is an experienced nanny who has a pedagogical education, experience in pre-school institutions, experience in working with children of pre-school age. Our nannies know the modern methods of early childhood education, able to organize the child’s day, identify and develop the talents of the child.


A governess with fluent English

For children aged 5 to a schoolchild

The nanny-governess for a child of preschool or school age is a teacher with work experience in schools, work experience as a governess in families, with knowledge of the school curriculum, and foreign languages. Able to captivate a child, to organize leisure time, to accustom a child to good manners. It is easy to study with such a tutor, and it is interesting and exciting to spend your leisure time.

Pricing for babysitters and nannies

Infant babysitter from


Nanny for a preschooler from


Governess from


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Hire a nanny: (068) 379 95 45

Ukraine, Kyiv, Yaroslavskaya Street, 6, office 27
(metro Kontraktova Square)

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    The agency of domestic staff “Family World” helps to hire experienced and reliable nannies and governesses. Nannies from our agency have a specialized education (pedagogical, medical, psychological), work experience in families, recommendations from previous jobs. Each nanny has knowledge of methods of early childhood education and child psychology.

    Your personal manager

    Команда "Мир Семьи"


    Home Staff Recruitment Manager with over 4 years of experience. Alla knows all the details about hiring nurses, housekeepers, nurses, cooks, etc. Alla will take into account all your wishes, select candidates, instruct candidates, organize an interview and assist the family and candidate within 1 year.

    Contact with Alla: (068) 379 95 45

    Ukraine, Kyiv, Yaroslavskaya Street, 6, office 27
    (metro Kontraktova Square)

    Alla’s certificates:

    How to pay for our services

    When we agree about which nanny do you want, what her duties and work conditions, we find a few candidates for you. After that, you pay us our agency fee.

    We understand that there might be some difficulties with the payment if you are a foreign person, so you can pay us in two ways:

    1. In cash: UAH(Hrivna) or USD – the easiest way. Your personal manager Alla will receive money from you

    2. By a bank transfer. Your personal manager Alla will give you our bank account number.

    After receiving the payment we give you all contacts of your nanny.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask via Viber, Telegram or Whatsapp (068) 379 95 45

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    Babysitters and nannies from “Family World”

    • We have the best nannies and babysitters from Kyiv and all Ukraine, which are qualified specialists.

    • Our babysitters and nannies have been tested for aptitude. We have checked their documents, medical books, feedbacks from previous jobs.

    • Our nannies and babysitters have specialized education, experience in families and positive recommendations.

    • Nannies and babysitters from the agency of domestic staff “Family World”  are true professionals. They can perform a full range of childcare responsibilities, according to the age and needs of the baby.

    • Our nannies can work on any schedule that you want. Therefore, a nanny can work as a babysitter as well as a live-in nanny.

    • We have a huge number of nannies in our database for any age of the child.

    Our advantages

    Агентство домашнего персонала "Мир Семьи" имеет более 10 лет опыта

    We have been helping to hire domestic staff for more than 10 years.

    Агентство домашнего персонала "Мир Семьи" принимает заявки на домашний персонал за 24/7

    We work 24/7

    Подбор домашнего персонала за 1 день

    We have the fastest candidate search in Kyiv

    The advantages of choosing a nanny or a babysitter in the agency “Family World”

    • The domestic staff agency “World Family” is a team of professionals. We will make the selection of the best nannies who will meet all your requirements and wishes, help you organize and conduct an interview with the candidates.

    • During the contract, each client is assigned to a personal manager who will be able to assist in resolving any issues regarding the work of the nanny or the babysitter.

    • Our experienced HR – team conducts training for the domestic staff regarding the specifics of working in a family, the rules of behavior at work, clarifying the concepts of confidentiality and subordination.

    • The managers of the home staff agency “World Family”, at the first meeting with the nanny, will verify the nanny for reliability and professionalism.

    • Hiring a nanny from the home staff agency  “Family World” – is to hire a professional nanny, which you can trust 100% and be sure during your absence your child is under reliable supervision.

    • We have been working for a long time with families. We have strong knowledge in the field of domestic staff selection, and we are confident that we can help you to find the best nanny/babysitter for your child who can meet all your expectations.