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More than 20000 housekeepers are already in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Poland and other countries of Europe


One time cleaning

This person can fast do a general cleaning your apartment before or after your guests, after moving in or repairing. Your home will shine!


Live-Out housekeeper

Depending on your requirements, a housekeeper could come to your place a few times a week or every day. The live-out housekeeper will do cleaning, laundry, and ironing.


Live-In housekeeper

If you have a big house and you want to have the housekeeper ready to do all home chores all the time the best option is to hire the live-in housekeeper. She will be at your place all the time.


Housekeeper salary

A live-Out from 1300 UAH a day

A live-Out housekeeper

from 1300 UAH a day

Hire a housekeeper

A live-Out from 30000 UAH a month

A live-Out housekeeper

from 30000 UAH a month

Hire a housekeeper

A live-In from 1500 UAH a night

A live-In housekeeper

from 1500 UAH a night

Hire a housekeeper

Hire a housekeeper

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    Family world – the domestic/household staff agency will help you to hire a housekeeper for a house or an apartment. Our housekeepers are professionals who will provide tidiness and coziness of your home. Every candidate has a proved experience in previous families, recommendations, and specific knowledge.

    Housekeepers from Family World agency

    • They are the best and highly-qualified housekeepers from Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

    • Our housekeepers have passed special tests. Their documents recommendations from previous jobs are checked.

    • Our housekeepers can work with any schedules that are suitable for you.

    • Not only the best cleaning services can provide our housekeepers but cooking and taking care of expensive clothes

    Our advantages

    Агентство домашнего персонала "Мир Семьи" имеет более 10 лет опыта

    More than 13 years of experience

    Агентство домашнего персонала "Мир Семьи" принимает заявки на домашний персонал за 24/7

    Work 24/7

    Подбор домашнего персонала за 1 день

    The fastest staff searching in Kiyv

    Преимущества подбора домработницы в агентстве “Мир семьи”

    • Family world – the domestic/household staff agency this is a team of professionals. We’ll help you to find and screen housekeepers who will meet all your requirements.

    • During our contract, you are provided with your personnel manager who can help with any situations with your housekeeper

    • The experienced team of Family World agency makes special training for a domestic staff about how to work in families and subordination

    • The managers of Family World agency cheks housekeepers and their experience

    • The hiring of a housekeeper from Family World means to hire a professional to whom you can entrust your house.

    Hire a housekeeper